What a time to be a person! In these unprecedented circumstances, we first and foremost want to encourage you to take a breath, take a moment, and remember that we are in this together. The physical and emotional well being of your family is our highest priority, and we understand that the daily realities of life look different right now. Please reach out if you need support. 

          That said, familiar routines and practices can often help promote a sense of normalcy. You should have received a packet of paper resources for your student earlier this week. If you need additional resources or are looking for productive ideas to try while spending more time at home and indoors, check out my "links and resources" page for possibilities!

          If you need support with content, logins, or other academic resources please let me know via e-mail or ClassTag and I will do all I can to assist you. Check in during Monday office hours, or schedule a time that works better for you. None of us are an island, nor are we expected to have it all figured out. Together, we'll work it out. I'm here if you need me. 


Stay safe and healthy!

<3 Ms. Smith