•  Teachin again!
    Amber Johnson

    Goodbye from Kindergarten Parents!  I have posted the last board that will be used during this digital learning time of spring 2020.  Thanks for all the work you've done.  This week we will be having a graduation ceremony during our Zoom.  I want to give a special shout out to everyone who worked hard on Splashlearn.  This allowed me to have accurate math assessment for your child's report card. 
    When you receive your report cards, you will see your teacher for next fall on it.  Keep in mind that some grades have carried over from January as I had not assessed them in all areas before school was cancelled in March and have had no new assessment data from then on especially if they did not participate in Splash learn. It was a privilege and an honor to teach your child.  I enjoyed the time I had with them although it was cut short and I look forward to seeing them in the hallways next year!
    Week 4 New Learning: 
    What is the water cycle?
    Week 3 New Learning: 3D Shape Search
     Week 2 New Learning:  Kindergarten Math Concept K.MD.2 Weight
    What is weight?  Video that explains how a balance scale works.
    Balance video by Mrs. Johnson
    Balance Weight Video #2 
    This week we ZOOMed
    It was so good for the kids to see all of their friends they've been missing so much!  
    My office hours are: Wednesdays from 9:00-9:30 and Thursday from 5:30-6:00 p.m. 
    Next week's themes will be announced the day of the zoom.
    You will receive an email to join each meeting time. 
    You have to download zoom on a phone. 
    On a laptop, a plug-in will be added to your computer and you will be able to join. 
    You do not have to attend but we would love to see you.
    Feel free to put on your calendar. The link is reusable.  Simply click each week at that time and you're in.  These will be my weekly meeting times until the week of June 19th. 
    Also launching this week is  EPIC free reading site.
    You will receive an email to join.  My daughters love this site more than Splashlearn.
    I will assign a few books every week and your child is free to pick what they want the rest of the time.
    There are tons of READ TO ME choices.

    Splash learn math graphic

    Splashlearn progress 

    I have created a progress board with Splashlearn.  Instructions were emailed or sent in your packet to join.  Every child who completes at least three areas each week will receive a prize.  It will be mailed.  If your child completes the Kindergarten level, they will graduate to first grade content to give them a head start for next year.

    Week 2 Splashlearn news:  Congratulations Sue-moving up to first grade content.

    Week 3:  Congratulations Lyla, Cyprus, Jackson, & Breana for moving up!  Keep up the good work everyone.