Name: Rose Weagant (she/her)
    Email Address: Email me!
    Okanogan Middle/ High School

     Rose stands in the art classroom and smiles

    I believe the best way share your perspective is through creativity. As a teacher, I want to teach my students how to be curious and invent new ways of communicating through art. In my art class, we practice respect and enthusiasm. As parents, I hope that you can share your encouragement for your child's creativity as well. Should you have questions about the art program, or how you can become involved, please get in touch.  
    Hi! My name Rose Weagant (pronounced WEE-gənt) and I'm the art teacher for OHS/OMS. I am also the Dawg Starz drama advisor and the Art Club advisor as well as the Regional VP for Washington Art Educators Association. This is my second year teaching at OKHS/OKMS. I can't wait to make messes (and clean them up) while we find cool new ways of arting! I was in the art industry for over 15 years before Mr. Dan Brown asked me to apply for his position when he retired.  Now I'm lucky enough to teach at Okanogan High School/Middle School. I specialize in sketching, puppet making, art installations, even ambiance, marketing development, curation and artist support. I was born raised in Manson and went to school in Stehekin and have two children. Now I live on a small hobby farm in the Methow Valley. 

    There are a few big rules in the classroom:

    Be respectful. Be productive. Be encouraging. Be safe. 

    There are a few small rules as well.

    • No cell phones open out of backpacks.
    • Wear a mask at all times.
    • Practice care for our art supplies.
    • Clean up your space.
    • No bathroom breaks the first 15 minutes of class.

      For those students interested in becoming a part of Art Club, please join us on Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 in the OKHS Art Room! 

      For those student who want to join the Dawg Stars Drama Club, please contact me!