• Welcome to Virginia Grainger Elementary School


    Dear families and students,

    What a year it has been and I know how good it must feel to everyone to have this one wrapped up! I want to share a personal thank you to everyone for the perseverance and partnerships with the school and student learning through this difficult time. Together we have worked through many challenges and learned so much together!

    As you look at report cards going out this week please remember that we carried forward our 3rd trimester grades based on direction from OSPI during this challenging time. I really encourage you to promote summer reading and family games that require numbers and math practice as well as critical thinking. We know we lost valuable learning time this spring and this will really help your student to continue to grow over the summer.

    Finishing the year, I still do not know exactly what next fall will look like at this time. We will be working hard through the next months to build and prepare a model/system that will be as safe as can be and focused on what is best for our students learning and community. As a school we had over 75% participation in Zoom and over 90% of our students demonstrating work and continued effort and learning. I can’t thank you enough parents and students! I am exceptionally proud of what we accomplished given the circumstance.

    Our community and school family is the best and I look forward to seeing you all next fall for an amazing year!

    Working together,

    Jeremy Clark

    Principal, Virginia Grainger

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