•  Welcome OKMS Families and Students!

    Conferences are right around the corner. March 18th and 19th, teachers will be holding conferences over Teams, the phone and in-person if requested. Students are asked to attend their conference. Teachers are prioritizing students with low grades, but if you would like to meet with your child's teacher and have not been contacted, you may call the office and Mrs. Brown will schedule you a conference time. 

    OKMS Vision Statement: At Okanogan Middle School, we believe in a diverse and inclusive school community, where all students feel safe, supported and valued. Such a community inspires us to be better informed, more compassionate, and well prepared to effect positive change. 


    Employee of the Month

    The employee of the month for March was selected because of her commitment to students and our school. She is a member of the Leadership Team, where she has spent the last two years helping us develop our School Improvement Plan. This year she joined the Inclusionary Practices Program team and has worked to help design and implement strategies that will help all students in the classroom. Not only is Rachel Lesamiz an engaging teacher, who is well liked by her students, she is an advocate for her students. Her positivity and engery brighten a room. She makes a positive impact here at OKMS and we are very lucky to have her here!


    Mrs. Lesamiz

    Congratulations Mrs. Lesamiz!


    IGA Okanogan Market has done it again!!!

    When Okanogan Middle School ASB president Hayden Swartsel called down to ask about partnering with us to reward our students who showed resilience and perseverance during remote and hybrid learning, manager Beth Motes unhesitatingly agreed and even graciously offered more than we originally requested!  Okanogan Middle School ASB is grateful for the repeated and continued support of our students in easy times and hard times – IGA Okanogan Market is always there.  Show them we appreciate their support by giving them your business. Thanks IGA!

    IGA Market


    As always, protocols for masking, distancing and washing are still in effect. Please review the COVID Guidelines set in place to keep us safe:

    Return to School Guidelines for COVID-Like Symptoms with NO Known Exposure.

    Do you have???

    FEVER OF 100.4 OR HIGHER                                 




    If you answered “yes” to one or more of these symptoms, you have one of three options to come back to school!

    • Option #1 Get COVID tested and return with a negative result. Remember to isolate until you receive your test results.
    • Option #2 Stay home from school and isolate for 10 days after the onset of symptoms AND improvement of symptoms without using fever reducing meds.
    • Option #3 Bring a note from your Healthcare Provider documenting an alternative diagnosis that explains the symptoms without performing a COVID test. Examples may include strep throat, ear infection, rash illness, allergies, etc.

    Do you have???




    SORE THROAT           



    • If you have 2 or more of these symptoms or 1 of these symptoms last greater than 24 hours, please follow the above protocol for when you may return to school.
    • If you only have 1 of these symptoms that last less than 24 hours, you may come back to school once symptoms improve.

    Please note, we are following guidelines from our Public Health District.  We always recommend calling your Healthcare Provider for further information and direction on your student’s healthcare. 

    If you have further questions or concerns, the nurse and/or building principal is more than happy to assist you.  Please do not hesitate to call!

    VG: 509-422-3580         

    MS: 509-422-2680           

    HS: 509-422-3770

    Okanogan Middle School Attendance Policy for Hybrid Learning

    State Attendance Mandate

    As per order of the state, school districts are required to take daily attendance for each student enrolled on any day when there is planned instructional activities. This includes days with in-person, remote, or hybrid instruction. Marking a student absent is not intended to be punitive and should not be used as such. Teachers must take daily attendance for all students, whether they are 100% remote, in class or at home distance learning in the hybrid model.

    Okanogan Middle School’s Plan

    In order to meet the state attendance requirements with the least amount of additional work for teachers, we are asking that students complete an “exit ticket” style question for each subject on days they are not in building.  Therefore, remote learners will complete questions daily, while hybrid learners will complete 2-3 question sets weekly. 

    Questions will be assigned in Teams, preferably using Forms so that students cannot copy from others. 

    Questions should reflect on learning in the unit. Ideally, this will benefit students and teachers with a formative data point.

    Reporting Attendance:

    Because we are allowing students to complete work in the evenings and count them present, Forms should go live at 3:30 for the next day.  Students have until 3:00 on their remote day to respond and be considered present.  Teachers are expected to view the Form and take attendance for remote learners by 3:30 each day.  The office can then track and follow up with families who are not attending. 

    If a student has a reason for not completing the form, such as travel or illness, the family is expected to contact the school just as they would for in building days.  The office will follow up with families who fail to call in.  Pre-arranged absences are also available by contacting the office ahead of a planned trip.

    Póliza de Asistencia de Okanogan Middle School Para el Aprendizaje en Persona

    Mandato Estatal de Asistencia

    De acuerdo con la orden del estado, se requiere que los distritos escolares tomen la asistencia diaria de cada estudiante inscrito en cualquier día en que haya actividades educativas planificadas. Esto incluye días con instrucción en persona, en línea, o hibrida. Marcar a un estudiante ausente no tiene la intención de ser punitivo y no debe ser utilizado como tal. Los maestros deben de tomar la asistencia diariamente para todos los estudiantes, ya sean 100% en line, en clase o en casa con el aprendizaje a distancia en el modelo Hibrido.

    Para cumplir con los requisitos del estado con la menor cantidad de trabajo adicional para los maestros, les pedimos a los estudiantes que completen una pregunta estilo “boleto de salida” para cada materia en los días que no están en el edificio. Por lo tanto, los estudiantes que estén en línea completaran las preguntas diariamente, mientras que los estudiantes en el modelo hibrido completaran 2-3 conjuntos de preguntas semanalmente.  

    Las preguntas se asignarán en equipos, preferiblemente usando formularios para que los estudiantes no puedan copiar de otros.   

    Las preguntas deben reflejar el aprendizaje en la unidad. Idealmente, esto beneficiaria a los estudiantes y maestros con un punto de datos formativo.

    Informe de Asistencia:

    Debido a que permitimos que los estudiantes completen el trabajo por las tardes y los cuenten como presentes, los formularios deben publicarse a las 3:30 para el día siguiente. Los estudiantes tienen hasta las 3:00 en su día remoto para responder y ser considerados presentes. Se espera que los maestros vean el formulario y tomen la asistencia para los estudiantes remotos a las 3:30 cada día. Luego, la oficina puede seguir y dar seguimiento a las familias que no asisten.

    Si un estudiante tiene una razón para no completar el formulario, como un viaje o una enfermedad, se espera que la familia se comunique con la escuela tal como lo haría si estuviera en el edificio. La oficina hará seguimiento con las familias que no llamen. Las ausencias preestablecidas están disponibles poniéndose en contacto con la oficina antes de un viaje planificado. 


    Remote Learners

    If you are a student remaining 100% remote, your teacher’s will be supporting you in Teams daily from 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm and every Wednesday from 2:10 pm – 3:30 pm. Whether you are attending in our hybrid model every other day, or completely remote, you can still email your teachers. They check their emails several times a day, and can respond if you have questions.


    I sincerely hope this message finds you are safe and well. If there is anything I can do or questions you may have, please reach out. We are here for you. My wish is for us all to have a better year in 2021!


    This is Mrs. Belcher signing off from OKMS, where what happens here will change the world. Stay safe and stay healthy.

     Mrs. Belcher


    Mrs. Belcher, Principal

    SafeSchools Web Reporting Site 

    When loging in, use code 1677

    Reporting reminder, at any time, students, parents, staff, community may now report safety issues or concerns anonymously.  This system allows reports to be made by phone call, text, email or on the website.  There is a link at the top of this page to the web reporting site. (Please use code 1677 when making a report.)  Reports of bullying, harassment, drugs, violence at school or anywhere involving students may be reported.  In addition concerns of students doing self-harm may be reported as well.  Reporters will be given a case code specific to them so that they may check back to see what follow up was able to be done on their report.  We're very happy to be rolling out this program and are confident it will be a positive tool in helping to keep our community kids safe. 








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