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    Update for OKMS Families and Students for September

    As you may know, we have had to quarantine our 6th grade students. Although we have a few staff and all the 6th grade out, we will still be teaching. Please have your child check their email every morning, dress for school and be online by 10 a.m. to meet their first teacher. The Superintendent sent a letter home with 6th grade students today.

    Your job as an at home student starting WEDNESDAY 9-15-21 is to log into MICROSOFT TEAMS at 10am every morning!!! Your username is your email address.

    There will be a meeting started by your teacher that you can join. Please dress appropriately for school and do not have food/drink nearby. Please also have your camera on, so we can see you!

    Check your email every morning!

    Username: first initial  last name .28 @stu.oksd.wednet.edu

    Password: capital first initial lowercase last name then 300# 

    10 a.m. is MATH with Ms. O’Dell 

    11 a.m. is ELA with Mrs. Cheeseman 

    12 p.m. is HISTORY with Mr. Mitchell 

    1 p.m. is SCIENCE with Mr. Townsend 

    Attendance will be taken during each class so make sure to be online and be signed in to TEAMS at the start of each hour with each teacher every day! 


    Welcome to the 21-22 school year! As we gear up for another school year, I can tell you we are extremely excited to have all students returning to the building 5 days a week. There are a few changes and dates I would like to make you aware of.

    As we have been preparing for a full return, we realize your children may have some anxiety, or other mental health needs. To address the needs of our students, the district hired a full-time counselor, Brittany Carden. Mrs. Carden has been with us for several years, but in a part-time capacity. She will now be serving the middle school full-time. We are very happy to have her with us full-time.

    Mrs. Carden

    On August 30th, from 6 to 7 pm, we will be holding a back to school night for both 6th and 7th grade students. ASB officers will be giving tours of the school, and teachers will be here to meet you and your children. Students will be given their locker number and have an opportunity to practice opening lockers. They will also receive their printed schedules and can find their homeroom. Class schedules are available on Skyward for students who would like to see them. If you would like to drop by the middle school office after August 25th, we can get you a printed schedule and your childs locker number, so they can begin practicing their combination.

    Every student will have a computer assigned to them this year. They will be allowed to bring the computer home in order to complete homework or work on projects. This computer will follow them as they advance grades, so it's important they take good care of it. There is a Laptop Student User Agreement & Parent Permission Form and 1:1 Laptop Guidelines parents/guardians and students will need to sign before we can issue the laptop. A letter is coming home with the forms. Please review and sign it with your child and either bring it with you on August 30th, or on the first day of school September 1st. Again, students will only be issued a laptop when the form is signed and returned.

    This year students will be participating in Math and Literature Seminar classes every other day in addition to their regular Math and ELA class. You will see this on their schedule and may wonder why. The intention of these seminar classes is to help fill learning gaps created by the circumstances of the past two years. We will use student data to help us design these classes.

    No doubt students may be feeling nervous, scared and excited. Our teachers are committed to developing a strong educational program that not only engages students in meaningful work, but also addresses their social, emotional and academic needs. The staff and I are eager to welcome you Sept. 1st to the 21-22 school year. I hope everyone enjoyed a fun filled and relaxing summer in spite of the heat and smoke! I wish you the best for a successful and rewarding school year!




    Employee of the Month

    The employee of the month for June was selected because of her commitment to student's social and emotional well-being. Rebecka Ellis works with students in the library, during lunch recess, and doing Yoga with them. She encourages them to take care of themselves and make good life choices. Thanks for all you do for our kids Rebecka!


    Mrs. Ellis

    Congratulations Mrs. Ellis!



     Answers to your questions:

    Will my child have a locker this year?  Yes, students will be assigned a locker and will need to keep their backpack and cell phone in their lockers.

    Will my child need a PE uniform?  Yes, students will need to purchase a $15 PE uniform. They will dress down for PE. They will also be assigned a PE locker in the locker room. Uniforms can be purchased in the middle school office beginning now until the end of the first week of school.

    Will my child need to have separate PE shoes? Yes, the PE department requests students have a pair of PE shoes. Often students come to school in flip flops or other shoes not appropriate for PE. Teachers and coaches would also like to keep our gym floors nice throughout the year for sports. 

    Will their PE locker have a lock? Yes, PE teachers give students a lock to secure their belongings. Students should not share or select not to use their lock. 

    Will my child eat in the cafeteria?  Yes, all students will be eating in the cafeteria this year. Students may select to eat in a teacher's classroom if the teacher permits it, but teachers are not required to supervise lunch. 

    Will my child be required to wear a mask? Currently, the govenor is requiring masks are to be worn indoors. Students will wear masks inside, but will be able to remove them for outside classes and recess. 

    If you have additional questions, please email me at: dbelcher@oksd.wednet.edu and I will respond to you. I may even post it on the website. 

    If you have further questions or concerns, the nurse and/or building principal is more than happy to assist you.  Please do not hesitate to call!

    VG: 509-422-3580         

    MS: 509-422-2680           

    HS: 509-422-3770


    I sincerely hope this message finds you safe and well. If there is anything I can do or questions you may have, please reach out. We are here for you. My wish is for us all to have a better year in 2021-2022!


    This is Mrs. Belcher signing off from OKMS, where what happens here will change the world. Stay safe and stay healthy.

     Mrs. Belcher


    Mrs. Belcher, Principal

    SafeSchools Web Reporting Site 

    When loging in, use code 1677

    Reporting reminder, at any time, students, parents, staff, community may now report safety issues or concerns anonymously.  This system allows reports to be made by phone call, text, email or on the website.  There is a link at the top of this page to the web reporting site. (Please use code 1677 when making a report.)  Reports of bullying, harassment, drugs, violence at school or anywhere involving students may be reported.  In addition concerns of students doing self-harm may be reported as well.  Reporters will be given a case code specific to them so that they may check back to see what follow up was able to be done on their report.  We're very happy to be rolling out this program and are confident it will be a positive tool in helping to keep our community kids safe. 








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