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    Lacey Chamberlin, School Nurse
    Okanogan School District


    Welcome To The Health Services Webpage!
    Good health enhances your student's ability to learn. School nursing has grown to meet student need, and involves much more than dispensing hugs and band-aids! Nurses address issues that face our students and assist teachers to enable our students the best learning experience.
    School nurses support good health and learning by performing a variety of duties including: direct student care; assessing student health needs; providing inservice training for staff and students; conducting mandatory health screenings; overseeing maintenance of student health and immunization records; administering medication; providing emergency first aid to students and staff; and working with the Department of Health in the control of communicable diseases.
    School secretaries support each school and the school nurse by performing such tasks as dispensing medication to students, providing first aid to ill or injured students, and documenting health room activity.