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    *Details subject to change

    October 19th- First day of on-campus hybrid learning

    Option 1//Hybrid Learning

    Hybrid Learning consists of full days of on-campus and full days of off-campus learning; each under the direction of a teacher and/or team of teachers. The learning during the on-campus days will be enhanced and further developed in the off-campus remote learning days. Students are expected to engage in both parts of the hybrid learning fully. While the on-campus days may feel like “regular” school, it is expected that students are fully involved throughout the remote learning days as well.

    All students, teachers, staff, and visitors coming onto campus must be screened when entering campus.  Physical distancing requirements will be established and expected to be followed throughout the day. Facial Coverings will be required while in classrooms, school buildings, on school buses, at school bus stops, and while attending school activities and events.

    Parents and students will complete and abide by School Campus Expectations via the Commitment Form.

    Hybrid Learning by Grade Level:

    Elementary – Efforts will be made to have specialist classes occur in the classroom setting instead of moving to a new location during the on-campus days. During the remote days of school, students will continue the learning work, activities, and course content under the direction of their classroom teacher and/or remote support teacher from their school. This will allow the student and teachers to continue their learning relationships despite the physical environment. Students will continue to work through assigned lessons on Accelerate Education when they are not on-campus.

    Middle School –While attending class on-campus, students will remain in cohorts that primarily stay together throughout the day, with the teacher being in the classroom. Students will participate in P.E. and recess outside of the classroom. On the remote school days, students will continue to work through assigned lessons on Accelerate Education. By the end of the week, students will have spent about equal time and experience in each course. Due to this revised schedule, not all class options will be available.

    High School - Student schedules will now consist of 6 classes (instead of 7), which will drastically reduce the number of times students move in/out of classrooms throughout the day. During remote learning school days, students will continue the learning work, activities, and course content under direction of their classroom teacher; allowing for the student and teacher to continue their learning relationship, despite the physical environment. Due to this revised schedule, not all class options will be available.


     Option 2//Remote Learning 

    Remote Learning is available for all students, grades K-12. Students are expected to remain in this learning model for the duration of the academic semester. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate movement between the models until January 22, 2021.

    In this learning model, students will not attend school on campus and will engage and participate in their learning remotely via technology. This education model expects that students are fully engaged throughout the day 

    Students will direct their own learning through Accelerate Education. Teachers will provide check in times for students in the remote learning environment to meet with teachers, get support on lessons, ask questions, etc. If families choose to remain in a 100% remote learning environment it must be understood the level of support will not be comparable to the first few weeks of school. Teachers will make every effort to support students during designated check in times. It is strongly recommended the remote learner be independent enough to direct their own learning, or have an adult present during the day for learning support.

    Attendance will be taken daily and students will be help to the OKSD Policies and Procedures regarding regular school attendance. Truancy requirements remain in effect and are applicable to students learning 100% remote.

    Remote Learning by grade level:

    Elementary K–5 grade students will work under the direction of their Okanogan School District teacher to learn using the district adopted curriculum and materials through the Accelerate Education digital program. Students will be focusing on grade-level standards and content to meet their learning needs. While the teaching and assignments will be the responsibility of our district teacher, this option will require the partnership of an adult to assist in monitoring the students’ progress at home.

    Middle School & High School Students will be enrolling in grade-level appropriate courses for completion through the Accelerate Education digital program. This program, under the direction of our district teachers, is aligned with OKSD and WA State standards to ensure student transition back to the traditional school environment when available. Due to this revised schedule, not all class options are available.

    Suspected, Presumptive, or Confirmed Cases Flowchart

    Region 7 Health Officers from Grant, Chelan-Douglas, Okanogan, and Kittitas Health Districts have developed the following expectations for navigating school if a student or staff member has symptoms, have had contact with a positive case, or receives a positive diagnosis of COVID-19.


    Covid Flow Chart

    Final decisions regarding the procedure for COVID Positive Screening Protocol will be made collaboratively by the school nurse and staff, or building principal and staff.
    Additional details outlining the procedure can be found in the COVID Positive Screening Protocol. (Appendix A)

    Facial Coverings 

    All students, staff, and visitors are expected to wear facial coverings. It is required that face coverings be worn to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. When you wear a mask, you are helping to protect others.

    Students may remove face coverings to eat and drink and go outdoors for recess, physical education, or other outside activities when they can be physically distanced. If students need a “mask break,” they may go outside or to a large, well-ventilated room where there is sufficient space to ensure more than six feet of physical distance between people.

    Waivers for cloth face coverings can be obtained in the student’s respective building office. The school will not recognize an alternative face covering until the face mask waiver has been completed by both the primary care provider and the Region 7 health officer. 

    A cloth face covering is ‘fabric that covers the nose and mouth,’ such as:

    • A sewn mask secured with ties or straps around the head or behind the ears. (Must be at least 2-ply)
    • Multiple layers of fabric tied around a person’s head.
    • Disposable surgical mask
    • Made from a variety of materials, such as fleece, cotton, or linen
    • Factory-made or made from household items

    Facial coverings not accepted:     

    • Shirts pulled up over the nose
    • Hoodies pulled tight
    • One-ply material
    • Bandanas
    • Mask with one-way valve vents that allow the air to be exhaled

    Health Screenings

    Health screenings will take place daily of both staff and students as well as, any necessary visitors.

    Students riding buses will be screened prior to getting on the bus. Students younger than 5th grade will need to be accompanied by an older sibling or an adult to the bus. Any student who does not pass the health screening will not be allowed to board the bus. Bus drivers will radio to the students building to initiate family contact. Please be prepared for students to return home if they do not pass the health screening.  

    Students who are dropped off at their school buildings by parents/guardians will go through the attestation process upon entering the building. If the student does not pass the health screening their family will be immediately contacted for pick-up.

    Staff will continue to self-attest each morning: 

    As part of the attestation, students, staff, and visitors will all have a temperature check and be asked to answer the following questions:

    Are you experiencing:


    Shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing

    A fever of 100.4 or higher, or a sense of having a fever

    A sore throat


    New loss of taste or smell

    Muscle body aches


    Congestion/runny nose-not related to seasonal allergies

    Unusual fatigue

    Does anyone in your household have any above symptoms?

    Has anyone been in close contact with someone suspected or confirmed COVID-19?

    Have you had any medication to reduce a fever before coming to school, or in the last 24 hours?

    We do not administer COVID testing. If your child develops symptoms of illness during the day (any symptom above), parents/guardians will be called to pick up their child and we will refer you to work with your family physician.

    Whether screenings occur at home or on-site, school personnel should always be looking for visual signs of illness.

    Covid-Like Illness Health Room

    Healthy students (medication, diabetic, and injured students), should not be in the same area as those with COVID-like symptoms and will utilize the common school health rooms.

    All schools will have an additional health-designated location prepared for students and staff presenting COVID-like illness. Staff working in the health-safety room will wear appropriate PPE such as masks, shields, and gloves. The room will be stocked with equipment designated to remain in that area. This room will include furniture that can be easily cleaned and disinfected, and allow students to remain six (6) feet apart. Cleaning will be completed between students and faculty by trained staff.

    Physical Distancing

    Physical distancing is expected at all times when on school campuses. Classrooms will be arranged to accommodate seating of six (6) feet of physical distance apart. Districtwide, nonessential furniture and equipment within classrooms have been minimized to adapt for physical distancing requirements.

    Classrooms in the Okanogan School District are approximately 900 square feet. To maintain adequate physical distance, approximately 25 persons are able to learn and work in that size space while maintaining the physical distancing obligations.                                                                                                        

    In recognition that not all classrooms are the same size, a formula of 36 square feet per student will be used in order to adjust a specific classroom’s capacity in coordination with the room’s square footage.

     Students with Disabilities

    All students with disabilities and their families in the Okanogan School District have been offered a continuation of special education services. OKSD Special Services Department, in alignment with the expectations set forth by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, has developed plans to continue to provide services to our students who receive special education. While there may be things to work out along the way, we could not do this important work without all of you being willing partners with our staff.

    We assure you that 100% of our students that receive special education services will be offered regular and on-going services throughout the implementation of each learning models. Though the services will look different depending on the model and individual student needs, we are confident that we have a system in place that will allow each of your children to feel supported and honor their unique needs and individual education plan in the most equitable manner possible during these difficult times.

    In all instances, our top priority is the health and safety of students, families and staff. We will be practicing all safety protocols set forth by our local health district and school district. We do understand that some students will not be able to be provided services in a face-to-face model, or have needs related to face coverings. Should health conditions require removal of face to face services for all students Okanogan School District officials and the Okanogan County Health District will continue to work together for a continuation of services that may include very small groups or individualized instruction for students at school sites or district buildings. 

    All learning models would include the services that are identified as areas of need in the student’s IEP to address the goals that they are working on, as well as the accommodations/modifications to access the general education curriculum.

    • On-Campus Learning: Services would be provided to students in identified areas of need during the student’s time on campus. This could look very similar to what a typical school day looked like prior to the pandemic.
    • Hybrid Learning Model: Services for students could consist of on-campus and/or remote delivery depending on student need.
    • Remote Learning: Services for students would all be provided through remote learning platforms.

    School Transportation

    Student Responsibilities

    • Wear a face covering and observe physical distancing (hands to themselves!) while waiting for the bus and while riding the bus.
    • Sit in your seat (without being reminded by the driver every day).
    • Students younger than 5th grade will have an adult or older sibling accompany them to the bus.

    Bus Driver Responsibilities

    • Ensure students wear a face covering and maintain physical distance from other students.
    • Issue masks to students if they do not have one.
    • Sanitize and disinfect the bus before leaving the bus garage and after returning to the bus garage.
    • Sanitize and disinfect the bus after each group of students, using spray recommended by CDC/EPA.
    • Report students that may feel sick to management.

    Encourage Alternative Transportation

    • Students are encouraged to walk, bike, or have a parent take them to school.
    • Avoid carpools and busses when possible.

    Transportation General Guidelines

    • In compliance with district health screening policy - Transportation staff complete the self-evaluation before reporting to work. If they are feeling sick, they will not report to work and will notify the supervisor.
    • Transportation staff will check-in to the building using the health screening form.
    • Staff will wear a face covering when not in their offices.
    • Maintain physical distance between students if possible and as much as possible.

    Student non-compliance procedures

    • We will follow the district discipline procedures for bus riders. Non-compliance is considered a failure to follow the driver’s directive resulting in;
      • Elementary: Warning or short-term suspension
      • Middle/High: Short-term or long-term suspension

    Loading the Bus

    • Buses will be loaded back-to-front; and will be unloaded front-to-back. Students will remain seated until their turn to leave the bus.
    • There will only be two students per seat with the seat behind the driver left empty whenever possible.
    • Windows will be lowered to the first notch to increase airflow. Roof hatches will be adjusted to allow airflow into and out of the bus when weather permits.

    Cleaning/sanitizing procedures

    • Buses will be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized each morning and evening with a spray disinfect/sanitizer recommended by the CDC/EPA. All surfaces that students come into contact with will be sprayed and wiped down.
    • Buses will be sprayed with disinfectant/sanitizer recommended by the CDC/EPA in between each group of students during both AM and PM routes.

    School Food Service

    Students who are attending hybrid learning will receive breakfast and lunch on campus each day. As students leave for the day, they will be provided breakfast and lunch for the following days meals.

    Students who are remote learning will have an opportunity to pick meals up at school buildings. Serving times will be from 8:10 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

    Meals are free of charge to any student enrolled in the Okanogan School District.

    The high school campus will be closed campus for lunch until further notice.

    School Recess

    Students will sanitize or wash their hands with soap and water before and after recess. Students may remove their face coverings when they go outdoors for recess, PE, or other outside activities. Do not spray disinfectants on outdoor playgrounds. Clean if needed.  (DOH Guideline - 8/4/2020) 

    Schools may designate play areas by student cohorts.

    Each cohort/grade level should have their own set of playground equipment or balls.  If this equipment is shared, students should sanitize their hands before and after playing on the equipment.

    Staff & Student Training

    All Okanogan School District faculty have received the additional required training in regards to COVID-19 emergency preparedness. SafeSchools Online Training includes topics such as infection prevention, staff procedures, how soap kills the coronavirus, social distancing, facial coverings, removal of facial coverings and gloves, and proper reporting.

    Students will receive training and support on the first days of school. Procedures will be taught and practiced daily.

    Arrival & Departure Procedure

    School building capacity has been drastically reduced. Thus, we ask parents/guardians to refrain from arriving at schools earlier than necessary and remain in your vehicle.

    Safe Drop off

    • Do not enter the school building to drop off child–remain in your vehicle
    • Arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before the start of the school day.

    Safe Pick up

    • Do not enter the school building to pick up child–remain in your vehicle
    • Know your school’s departure time.
    • Arrive no more than 10 minutes early for pick up.


    What Happens if School Closes

    In the event that our district, any school, or a specific classroom is ordered for closure due to the impacts of COVID-19, or due to positive cases, the following plans will be enacted to keep the consistency of learning for all students. Due to the differences between the learning options, the following transitions will happen:

    Option 1 // Hybrid Learning

    Option 2 // Remote Learning

    Rotating Schedule

    Students have some days on-campus and some days of remote learning.

    Open Schedule

    Students learn exclusively through remote learning, via technology.

    If a classroom, cohort, or school

    is impacted by a public health closure mandate...

    If a classroom, cohort, or school

    is impacted by a public health closure mandate...

    Closure Schedule

    On-campus face-to-face instruction will cease, and students will work via remote learning technology. Students will remain with their current teacher/s. Remote learning will continue for the student day’s that were already delivered remotely as well as days being delivered in-person.

    Closure Schedule

    Students will continue to learn exclusively through remote learning and via technology with no changes.

    When the health or safety risk has been lifted or there has been a change to the health order or conditions

    When the health or safety risk has been lifted or there has been a change to the health order or conditions

    Transition-to-Rotating Schedule

    Based on health guidelines and allowable activities, transition plans will be developed and communicated in alignment with the conditions at that time.

    Transition-to-Open Schedule

    Based on health guidelines and allowable activities transition, plans will be developed and communicated in alignment with the conditions at that time.