Name: Emily Wiley
    Phone: (509) 422-2680
    Room: 201

    Welcome to the new school year! Mathematics is something I am passionate about. I believe all students can be successful in math and I will work to ensure that every student will be. I want each and every one of my students to have all options available to them after they graduate high school. I do not want math to limit those options. 

    I can't do it alone! 

    I am asking for each student to work to the best of their ability every day, to participate actively in class by asking questions, sharing ideas, taking notes, reflecting on their learning, and completing practice activities to sharpen or maintain thier skills. 

    I am also asking for parents to be a partner with me, and their child, in their student's education. I am asking for open lines of communication. I am asking for your assistance in helping your child develop good student habits, ask questions of your child's thinking and learning and resist giving them the answer or telling them how you used to do it.

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