Name: Rachel Lesamiz
    Okanogan Middle School
    509.422.2680 ext.3128
    8th Grade ELA and 8th Grade Literature
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    More about me!

    I grew up right here in Okanogan.  In fact, I roamed these same hallways and graduated from

    Okanogan High School in 2001! And get this!  I'm married to Mr. Lesamiz, the P.E. teacher! 

    Together we have 2 kids, Leira and Victor.  In 2006, I graduated with honors from Eastern

    Washington University with a degree in History and a minor in Government. 

    One important thing I have learned in life is there is no straight line to anywhere. 

    I have been a firefighter, a swimteam coach, a stay-at-home mom,

    and a few other things in between.  I'm so happy my voyage brought me to teaching!