Name: Megan Blayne
    Okanogan Middle School
    (509) 422-2680
    Middle School Special Education

    Welcome to my webpage. Thank you for taking the time to visit. I miss you all so much during this school closure and hope you are taking some time to slow down and enjoy family time. I cannot express how much I miss seeing your beautiful faces and being able to talk to each of you! Please know that you can email me anytime!! mblayne@oksd.wednet.edu for anything you may need!
    We recently sent home work packets for each of you.
    Math -
    You will notice that I did include your math IEP goals with an anchor chart of how to complete these. Please continue to work on your math skills! If you need more help with these skills let me know! We can talk over the phone, I can send you a video, or we can videochat!!
    Writing -
    I included multiple writing prompts. Please practive your writing skills while at home. If these prompts do not keep you interested, keep a journal of what you are doing and thinking during this time. Please know that you are living in a historic moment! Your thoughts on this subject are very worthwile and you never know who may read them in the future to see how this pandemic affected you!
    Reading - 
    I have got all of you set up on Book Share to continue with our classroom book. I have also included your packet. Take the time to listen to or read the book and answer the comprehension questions. Also if you are working on vocabulary please visit thesaurus.com and get synonyms for the word. In addition use the word in a sentence and draw a picture representation of the word. 
    I have also included some work on Parts of Speech as well as ways to decode text. I have also included some informaiton text readings with some quick questions. 

    Do you need extra worksheets to practice a skill? Here is your link! Please find worksheets that target specific skills with answer keys! Practice to your hearts content. 
    Each student is signed up for an online program called Moby Max. This is a great tool for all subjects, reading, writing, math, science, everything! It is also interactive and gives feedback quickly! 
    To access Moby Max go to 
    click on the sign in button 
    enter your user name and password
    • first name first letter and last name - example - mblayne
    • first and last name initials with your 300 number - example Mb300300


    Another awesome resource that you have access to is Book Share. 

    To access BookShare go to


    log into the page by entering your username and password

    • first name first letter and last name - example - mblayne
    • first and last name initials with your 300 number - example Mb300300
     Locate the book (6th - Wonder; 7th - The Maze Runner; 8th - Divergent) that has been assigned to you
    open the book in Web Reader by clicking the read now button
    select play on the top right bar to hear the book outloud
    you can change the font size, text and background color, voice and rate of speech by clicking on the Settings button on the top right bar
    Please use these resources to keep up to date on all the recent events that are happening and how it will impact you and your student. 
    https://www.governor.wa.gov/tags/news-media will keep you updated on Gov. Inslee's newest announcements. 
    https://www.k12.wa.us/ this will keep you connected to OSPI and Reydkal's announcements. 
    This website is a link to OSPI (The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) and has access to the  most updated laws specifically for Special Education: