• Welcome to Virginia Grainger Elementary School


    October 12, 2020


    Dear Families,


    We are so very excited to be bringing your children back next week!  You should know today if your child will be on the Crimson or Gray schedule.  If you don’t, I am mailing a copy of this letter with an announcemmnt and please refer to the enclosed information or contact your child’s teacher right away.  In person teaching and learning will take place from 8:15am-2:15pm.  In order to prepare your child for this transition, I ask that you spend some time talking to your child about what next week will look like in the building.  It is going to be different.  It will likely be challenging for students to accept that this is the way we have to “do school” even when in the classroom.  I wish it could feel more “normal,” but unfortunately, that just is not our reality right now.  Please prepare your child for the following:

    • All students have to wear a mask unless they have a Region 7 mask waiver form completed. If your child is unable to wear a mask and does not have a medical diagnosis, you should consider having them continue to work through Accelerate Education remotely from home. Students will have the option to wear masks at recess. It is hard to social distance on the playground toys although students will take turns in designated areas to help with this. Masks will also have to be worn on buses as well. If your child forgets or does not have one, a mask will be provided.
    • Social distancing will be practiced as much as we realistically can. Your child will be at their seat for much of the day except to go to recess, specialist, or use the restroom.   When walking in the hall, waiting to be picked up or in line for the bus, we will enforce social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing.
    • Students will need to bring a water bottle to and from school. Our drinking fountains have been turned off for the safety of all.
    • We ask that students do not bring food and beverages from home except for a filled water bottle or cold lunch if preferred. We will serve breakfast, lunch and send meals home with your child for the following day.  Please do not plan to send birthday treats or snacks at this time.  Hopefully, we will be able to relax on this after a while but for now, we want to put in every precaution we can.  
    • Please provide basic school supplies to be kept at school. Supplies should be separate for each child in a zip-lock bag. 
    • Please do not bring your school issued computer or home devices to and from school. These items need to remain at home to support your remote learning days.


    A few things for you to know as the parent/guardian:

    • Everyone entering the building must have their temperature checked and answer health questions. We will be asking that all parents drop students off outside no earlier than 8:00am and not enter the building.
    • Please do not send your child to school if they have any persistent symptoms (fever above 100.4, cough, runny nose, headache, nausea, and diarrhea). Please keep your child home if your family is exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid-19 and alert the office. 
    • Please ensure that our office has your current telephone numbers for your cell phone and your work as well as updated emergency contacts.
    • If you are riding a bus, please expect to be picked up at your normal time, however, there may be a delay the first few days due to health screening taking place on the bus. End of day times are changing so please review the rout times under the transportation link on the district website.
    • Bussing changes need to be made no later than 1:00pm. Please ensure that you call the office by this time to change your child’s bussing home or end of day routine.
    • Students who are picked up must be picked up no later than 2:30pm every day. We will be asking that parents stay in your vehicle or wait outside of the building.  
    • If parents need to check their student out during the day, please remain in car and call the office, we will escort your student out to you.
    • We ask that you make every attempt to keep your child on the current Crimson and Gray schedule until the end of the semester, which is January 22nd. If you have chosen to keep your child learning remotely, we also ask that they stick with that plan until the end of the semester.  Please know that making changes to the current plan will be dependent on numbers in that cohort as we are limited with how many students we can have in a classroom.


    Students have been split up into two groups; crimson and grey, and will attend every other

    school day. These colors correspond with the calendar set by the district and a copy is enclosed.

    Please place the calendar in a spot that can be easily accessed so that you make sure you come

    to school on the correct day!


    We are entering into unknown territory because we have never had to deal with this kind of

    situation. We are all doing our best, and by all of us working together, we will provide a

    positive educational experience for everyone.


    Working together,

     Mr. Clark

    Principal- Virginia Grainger

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