• Harcourt Math is the adopted math curriculum for Virginia Grainger grades K-5. Harcourt Math offers a web-based support site with games and extra practice for all skill areas. The extra practice and homework help is listed by grade level and by chapter, allowing you to help your child find practice that relates directly to what she/he is learning in the classroom.

    To access the Harcourt Math web site go to:


    · Select “The Learning Site

    · Select MATH

    · On the left side of the next page, select Harcourt Math, then select the program at the top.

    · The next page will ask you to enter a password/the last name of the Harcourt Math author; type Maletsky.

    · Then enter our school name (Virginia Grainger), our state and where you plan to use the website (home, school, or both)

    · Select Explore

    You can choose which type of math support you want: basic facts practice, skill-based instruction or skills practice. Each area is designed to provide your child with practice specifically for their grade level.

    Ø GLOSSARY – Provides definitions of math terms, sample problems for mathematical concept terms, and a separate section of tables with conversions for linear measurement, metric to standard, money and time

    Ø eLAB – provides support and practice for students on key skills

    Ø SHOW ME – An interactive demonstration guides you through the process of solving math problems and reinforces basic skills. Accessing this link is like having a personal tutor for your child!

    Ø MATH JINGLES –songs to help students learn and memorize facts and concepts

    Ø THAT’S A FACT – Students set their own pace to check their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and to improve their memorization skills.

    Looking for math help at home? Visit these websites:

    Math Playground: http://www.mathplayground.com/index.html -- This site is one of the best math help sites available online. You will find videos that provide instruction on arithmetic, decimals, fractions, percent, measurement, ratio and proportion, algebra and geometry. This is truly like having a personal tutor help you with your math at home!

    In addition to the videos, this site provides math games, word problems and logic puzzles and much more. Here is an overview of some of the links on the site:

    · Thinking Blocks: provides word problem practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratio and algebra using manipulatives.

    · Stay Sharp: games that provide multiplication and division practice.

    · Computation: provides practice with multiplication and division facts; fractions – including converting, reducing, comparing, multiplying and dividing; and finding percent

    · Math Apprentice: provides “real life” math practice through scenarios. Scenarios range from running a restaurant, designing a building and creating art … all using mathematics!

    · Math Worksheets: printable worksheets for arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, decimal numbers and fractions); time, money, fraction to decimal conversion; reducing fractions; changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, and more! You can even get an answer key to go with each worksheet!

    · Manipulatives: provides practice in geometry, algebra, fraction, percent, fraction-to-decimal, probability, ratio, statistics and more using visual manipulatives

    Math is Fun: http://www.mathsisfun.com/Like Math Playground, this site provides a variety of tutorials, practice and games for all aspects of arithmetic and mathematics.

    Basic Fact practice: http://www.kidzone.ws/MATH/quiz.html Provides timed basic facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) practice. The program will score your answers and tell you how long it took to answer them.