Hello Virginia Grainger Families:

    Research indicates that regular attendance stands out as the most crucial factor contributing to academic success. Students who frequently miss school tend to underperform, facing challenges in bridging the knowledge gaps created by their absences, ultimately making the learning process more difficult. Our dedication lies in educating your children, and their presence in school is paramount. The significance of a single day's learning may surprise you.

     We understand that there are illnesses and special circumstances, but these should be rare.  At Virginia Grainger Elementary, good attendance is missing 9 or fewer days in a school year.  We monitor attendance closely and want you to understand our process:

    Attendance Letters

    At 5 days absence we send home a letter regarding attendance.

    At 10 days absence we send another letter home asking for a meeting with you and your student to discuss potential barriers to good attendance and work together to remove those barriers.

    At 15 days absence we require students to have doctor’s notes to excuse any absences future absences. 

    The next step is referral to Truancy board. This happens when the student has exceeded 14 unexcused absences in a school year or 7 unexcused absences in a month.

    Attendance letters are vital tools in promoting student attendance, a proven determinant of academic success. Backed by extensive research, these letters act as proactive measures at various absence thresholds, keeping parents informed and engaged. By addressing potential barriers collaboratively, we aim to foster a partnership between the school and parents, prioritizing each student's academic journey and contributing to their overall success.


    Thank you,

    Virginia Grainger Attendance team.