• Art Classroom Rules
    Edwin Tixta Floating Friends
    My rules are always subject to growth. The more we learn, the better we become at articulating what we need.
    When you distil all of the ideas for rules, these are the most important ones: 

    Be respectful, be productive, be safe, be the hype.  

    Sounds easy, right? It is. 

    There are a few small rules as well. 

    • No cell phones open or out of backpacks.  
    • Mask wearing at all times. 
    • Practice care for our art supplies. 
    • Clean up your space. 
    • No bathroom breaks the first 15 minutes of class.
    Grading             Trashion show
    Participation 50%  
    Assignments 40%
    Tests            10%
    Participation is 10 points a day and worth half of your grade. If you show up prepared for class, you are productive and respectful to all, you receive 10 points every day. It's that simple. If you get less than 10 points, I will add a comment in Skyward, so you can understand why you have a less than perfect grade for the day. 
    Assignments will be done during studio time in class. There will be ample time allowed for each assignment. 
    Tests will be at the end of the semester and will include terminology, technique and styles we discuss in class. All tests and quizzes will be open-journal, so you will be able to use your notes to be more successful. 
    Note: Once I enter one student's assignment in Skyward, it shows that all the other students are missing that assignment. Please do not be concerned about the missing assignment message in Skyward. It does not affect your student's grade. However, if I enter a zero for an assignment, it affects the grade and the student needs to make it up. 
    I give students 2 "free" absences. After two absences, I assign a zero for participation for days absent. Students can make up the participation by working before school, after school, or working on art at home. Students may make up participation by drawing at home for 45 minutes for each day missed. They should draw objects from life (kitchen utensils, tools, furniture, people, pets, etc.). The drawings should be shaded. 
    If you're worried about missing school, please email me, and we can come up with a solution.