Jogging Club

Virginia Grainger Jogging Club 2020

  • NEW Demonstration Videos! Video 2-4 added today!


    June 1st to June 30th with 10 extra days and you can run and walk on weekends too. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ON MY VIDEO LINKS PAGE! 

    1/4 mile (440 yards) equals 1 talley mark

    20 talleys or 5 miles equals one foot for your keychain



    1. Around my house is 91 yards, 440/91=5 laps for a talley mark

    2. Around our lot is 105 yards x95 yards = 105+105+95+95=400 yards, I need to run 40 more yards to make a talley


    Please keep a records of your jogging on a calendar or tracking sheet and bring in the first week we are back to school. All feet will be handed out that first week! If you have questions, please email Mr. Carlquist.