• Hello families,

    We have been asked to start considering grades for this final quarter of school. While learning has looked a lot different over the past few weeks we are still required to give final grades on report cards. The Okanogan School District’s Official Grading Policy can be found on our website at  https://www.oksd.wednet.edu/

    Here is the generalized idea of it:

    Okanogan School District COVID-19 Closure Grading Policy

    Grade carry forward: The student’s 3rd quarter grade will carry forward to the final grading period. For example, if a student had a “B” grade for 3rd quarter, the 4th quarter grade will also be a “B.” Students will continue to be introduced to new learning around essential skills and knowledge for the remainder of the year in order to maintain their “carry forward” grade. Students must actively participate in activities and assignments as given by teachers in order to receive a grade carry forward. Students who do not actively participate will be evaluated for an incomplete and offered opportunities to re-engage to complete coursework at a later date.

    Grade carry forward and grade improvement will be used in each building.

    Virginia Grainger Elementary Grades K-3: 4, 3, 2, Incomplete

    Virginia Grainger Elementary Grades 4-5: A, B, C, D, Incomplete


    What this means is if you have participated in our Zoom meetings OR have given me feedback from Choice Boards we know your student is engaged in distance learning and they will receive their 3rd Quarter grade carried over to the 4th quarter. This is most of our class. If we have not received any feedback or seen any participation in weekly Zoom meetings, your student’s 4th quarter grade will be an “Incomplete”.


    Keeping equity in mind, we will largely be looking at Choice Board feedback to gauge levels of engagement since work from Choice Boards does not require internet access or use of electronic devices. Some examples we have already received are pictures of completed work emailed to us, a message (texted or emailed) briefly describing the work completed for the week, or letters mailed to us at school. It seems that the easiest way parents have been finding is to take a quick picture and email it. You can even put your teacher's email address in like you would a phone number and text the pictures to their email. Once every week or two is sufficient enough for us to see the hard work that has been happening. 

    Thank you for your help!

    The First Grade Team