• Grading Guidelines


    Grade carry forward: The student’s 3rd quarter grade will carry forward to the final grading period. For example, if a student had a “B” grade for 3rd quarter, the 4th quarter grade will also be a “B.” Students will continue to be introduced to new learning around essential skills and knowledge for the remainder of the year in order to maintain their “carry forward” grade. Students must actively participate in activities and assignments as given by teachers in order to receive a grade carry forward. Students who do not actively participate will be evaluated for an incomplete and offered opportunities to re-engage to complete coursework at a later date.

    Grade improvement: The student may choose to complete work to improve their final grade. Students choosing to complete work to improve their grade should contact their teacher(s). Teachers will determine work to assign and, upon completion, assess whether the student completed the work at a satisfactory level to improve the final grade. Teachers are not required to assign individual letter grades for each individual assignment but provide feedback for grade improvement purposes.

    Grading scales by building:

    Virginia Grainger Elementary Grades K-3: 4, 3, 2, Incomplete

    Virginia Grainger Elementary Grades 4-5: A, B, C, D, Incomplete

    Okanogan Middle School: A, B, C, D, Incomplete

    Okanogan High School: A, B, C, D, Incomplete