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Dear Bulldog Alumni,


An alumni association for Okanogan High School has been created. An important function of the Okanogan Alumni Association will be to support a “Wall of Honor”.  The concept of the Wall will be to honor alums and other outstanding citizens that have made substantial, significant contributions reflecting honorably on Okanogan High School.  The criteria for selection, including categories, are still being created by committee members and the Board.  In the near future, you will be able to nominate a candidate of your choice by going to the Okanogan School District web page at www.oksd.wednet.edu.  Alums will be notified when the selection process will be available.  Voting will be limited to members of the Okanogan Alumni Association; although nominations will be open to anyone


To become a member of the Okanogan Alumni Association and show your true “BULLDOG” pride, please submit your annual dues of $10.00 (cover a school year from September to August) payable to:

Okanogan Alumni Association 

% Doris Wood

                              P.O. Box 371

                             Okanogan, Washington  98840



Along with your payment please enclose the information slip located at the end of this message; we will then mail your membership card and a very classy alumni decal back to you.

Please pass this e-mail to all O.H.S. Grads you have on your lists.  --- We are not notifying by snail mail---

Board Members:   Doris Wood, Brian Bowes, Kory Heindselman, Hank Rawson, Kellie Goetz, Homer Hedington,  Jerry Latshaw,  Ella Schreckengost.




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