• Khan Academy 

    Users can view video lessons followed with practice opportunites that are scored in real time. Students already have logins from our classroom and do not need to create new accounts. Please let me know if you need support logging in or navigating assignents.



    A free, old style video game allowing student to practice grade level math skills. Students alredy have logins from school and do not need to create new accounts. Let me know if you need support logging in. 


     Scholastic Learn-at-Home

    Scholastic book clubs is offering a free Learn-at-Home experience during this time. Select your students grade or comfort level and enjoy!

  • 4-H Inspire Kids To Do!

    Hands on educational Activities for Kids & Teens


    National Geographic Kids

    Does your student love science? Check out the games, videos, articles, and other material available here.


    Computer Science: Coding

    A free learning program for students interested in computer science! Students do not have logins and will need to create a new account. 


    Virtual Field Trips

    Experience Yellowstone National Park, Mars, the Boston Children's museum, the San Diego zoo and more, from the comfort of your home. 


    150 Educational Shows on Netflix

    Documentaries and shows about nature, animals, hsitory, culture, and other educational topics.