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    Please note, all surveys are due at the same time they are listed as being due for points if you would like points for every battle to count


    A few useful notes: 

    • Rounds 1 through 3 give "home court advantage" to the higher-ranked animal, meaning the fight occurs in that animal's habitat.  This is especially important for aquatic competitors.
    • The final rounds occur in one of four habitats selected randomly.  See below for details.
    • Competitors do not need to fight.  Meaning, if animals are territorial or predator/prey they are likley to attack each other, but two herbivores might graze together for a while before one wanders away.  
    • Outside interference occassionally causes havoc.  The MMM organizers use a random number generator and probabilites to find out what happens, but that means a mouse can beat a lion on rare occassions.  Realistic interference helps explain these outcomes.


    Round 1 Survey (due by 3:00 on 3/8 for your wild card point to count)

    Round 2 Survey (due by 3:00 3/18 )

    Round 3 Survey (due by 3:00 on 3/24)

    Elite Trait Survey (due by 3:00 on 3/25)

    Final Roar Survey (due by 3:00 on 3/29)

    Championship (due by 3:00 on 3/31)



    Animal List Powerpoint