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    Okanogan Outreach School
    417 Spruce St.
    Okanogan WA 98840
    Roy Johnson, ALE Principal 
    Julia O'Connor, Instructor/OKSD Homeless Liaison | (509) 322-7131
    Steve Streeter, Instructor
    Jennifer Heindselman, ALE Enrollment Admin/OKSD Attendance Officer
     Phone: (509) 826-7612 | Fax: (509) 826-9003

    The Okanogan Outreach School offers a 20 credit diploma for the base graduation years of 2016-2020 and a 24 credit diploma for the base graduation years of 2021 and beyond. 
    Outreach is the program where those in a hurry can accelerate their schooling to either catch up or graduate in their cohort year or complete high school diploma requirements faster via dedicated learning.  Okanogan Outreach tailors each student’s educational plan to their transcript and original expected graduation year.   Outreach staff works with students to help them meet their educational goals by having extended hours and flexible scheduling to accommodate for the challenges that many students face.  This flexibility also allows for more time with job, family, and community.
    Hours of Operation: 
    Monday-Friday  8:00-5:30


    2023-2024 Enrollment Packet

    High School & Beyond Plan (Xello)