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    Okanogan Alternative
    High School
    The Learning Center is located at WorkSource
    126 S Main St., Omak WA
    Roy Johnson, ALE Principal | (509) 826-7612
    Linda Jane, Instructor | (509) 826-7561 
    Jennifer Heindselman, ALE Enrollment Administrator | (509) 826-7612

    Okanogan Alternative High School serves students ages 16-20 and allows them to maintain a daily school schedule.  It is a half day program in which students work at their own pace to catch up on credits or work an accelerated path to graduation.  This is an excellent program for students who need consistency and who want the additional support that being at WorkSource provides.  Students will receive job search support and have a half day each day to pursue work.


    The Alternative High School offers a 20 Credit Diploma for the base graduation years of 2016-2020 and a 24 credit diploma for the base graduation years of 2021 and beyond.  



    Students must be 16 years old to attend LC, No Exceptions. Students must be approved through the contracting school district if they do not live in the school district. Both school districts must approve. 

    Step 1:
    After the Choice Transfer Form is submitted to their school district [if applicable] Enrollee will contact the Monica Garza, Youth Counselor, to be scheduled for the Youth ACE.

    Step 2:
    Attend the two day Youth ACE and complete CASAS Testing.
    A.Youth Orientations are held every two weeks on Thursdays and Fridays at 1:00 p.m. and must be signed in to the orientation by the Youth Counselor.
    B.Participate in Goal Setting, Creating a SAW account, Career Scope/Career Cruising and completing the WIOA Application.

    Step 3:
    Students are notified before leaving on Friday of the session and start date.    


    School Hours:

    Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00