• Name Year FBLA College Occupation/Major Contact
    Kendra Bryson 2016 Yes Whitworth University Student-  
    Blake Chesledon 2017 Yes Tulane University Student-Undeclared N/A
    Zach Chilcote 2016 Yes University of Washington Student-Business  
    Kelsey Chiles 2013 Yes Western Washington University    
    Emmy Engle 2016 Yes University of Washington    
    Katie Fergus 2010 Yes       
    Greyson Fields 2017 Yes  University of Washington Student-Construction Management  
    Kailey Harris 2012 Yes  Pacific Lutheran University Accountant  
    Lane Howe 2015 Yes  Central Washington University Agriculture Sales Representative  
    Stephen Justus 2007 No  Providence University    
    Tony Klepec 2016 Yes  University of Washington College Student  
    Grant Kramer 2012 Yes  Washington State University    
    Nathan Linklater 2015 Yes  Stanford University Student-Management Science & Engineering N/A
    Isobel Luengas 2015 Yes       
    Louis Morrison-Nelson 2017 Yes  Rochester Institute of Technology Student-Computer Science  
    Kylee Mclean 2010 Yes Whitworth University Programmer  
    Siobhan O'Connor 2013 Yes  Washington State University Accountant N/A
    Autumn Ray 2006 Yes       
    Kaylee Ray 2009 Yes  Washington State University Forensic Accountant N/A
    Courtney Shrout 2006 Yes       
    Maddie Timm 2012 Yes       
    Shelby Walstad   Yes Bellevue Community College Dental Hygienist  
    Michael Yusi 2007 No  Perry Technical Institute

    Business Owner Educational Director