• Accounting I
    Full Year | Career and/or Elective 
    Students will begin this course by exploring the accounting cycle for a sole proprietorship—analyzing debit and credit parts, journalizing transactions, posting to a general ledger, and preparing financial statements.  In addition, students will learn accounting procedures for a merchandising business organized as a partnership.  Lastly, this course will delve into accounting for a merchandising business organized as a corporation.  
    Accounting II
    Full Year | Career and/or Elective 
    This course entails advanced accounting procedures for a corporation.  This is a mostly self-guided course; as a result, students will have to be able to work independently in order to progress through the coursework.  Prior approval by the instructor is required to enroll in this course.
    Applied Economics
    One Semester | Graduation Requirement 
    Applied Economics is designed to prepare students to make wise financial decisions in both personal and business situations. All in all, this course helps students realize they are already making financial decisions and shows them how their decisions affect their future.
    Digitools/Office User Specialist
    Full Year | Graduation Requirement 
    DigiTools/Office User Specialist (MOUS) is a course involving formatting of documents and the reinforcement of correct typing technique.  In addition, this course covers software-specific computer applications for Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, and Access. DigiTools/MOUS also teaches selected competencies for voice recognition. This course will culminate in two final projects (one for each semester).  In the first semester’s final project, students will create a presentation that brings together all applications learned.  In the second semester, students will have an opportunity to receive free certifications through Microsoft given they pass the MOUS exams.
    Computer Science (TEALS)
    Full Year | Career and/or Elective

    This course, supported by Microsoft, will be an introduction to computer science. Students will work with industry professionals to master the SNAP! and Python programming languages. Overall, this course will be project-based with several assignments being completed in a cooperative learning environment.