• Future Business Leaders of America:
    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) fosters leadership, community service, networking, and competition.  This organization has over 225,000 members nationwide, 4,000 in Washington, 750 in the North Central Washington, and typically more than 25 in our local chapter.  Through participation in this club current and past students have enjoyed many opportunities to become more prepared for business-related careers.
    The competitive aspect of this organization lends chances for students to display knowledge and skills that have been gained both in/outside of class.  There are no classifications in FBLA.  With that said, our students have the opportunity to compete against schools of all sizes (1B through 4A).  Every winter Okanogan students participate in the regional conference in order to determine advancement to state.  If a student places high at regionals, they may have the prospect of competing at state.  The same can be said from state to nationals.  Listed below are students that have accomplished such a feat:
    OHS National Qualifiers/Placers (since 2006) 
     Name  Year  Location  Event
    Autumn Ray  2006 Nashville, TN  Accounting
    Kaylee Ray  2009 Anaheim, CA  Accounting
    Josh Stanley  2014 Nashville, TN  Emerging Business Issues
    Tyler Morris  2014 Nashville, TN  Emerging Business Issues
    Nathan Linklater  2014 Nashville, TN  Accounting (3rd Place)
    Nathan Linklater  2015 Chicago, IL Job Interview (3rd Place)
    Aidan O'Connor  2015 Chicago, IL  Management Decision Making
    Blake Chesledon  2015 Chicago, IL  Management Decision Making
    Cayden Diefenbach  2015 Chicago, IL Management Decision Making
    Louis Morrison-Nelson  2015 Chicago, IL Accounting
    Louis Morrison-Nelson  2016 Atlanta, GA Database Design
    Zach Chilcote  2016 Atlanta, GA Accounting
    Matthew LaDouceur  2016 Atlanta, GA Personal Finance
    Kendra Bryson  2016 Atlanta, GA Accounting
    Nathan Rawson  2016 Atlanta, GA Health Care Administration (7th Place)
    Blake Chesledon 2017 Anaheim, CA Personal Finance
    Rowan Bauer 2017 Anaheim, CA Cyber Security
    Jill Townsend 2017 Anaheim, CA Job Interview (10th Place)
    Hanna Smith 2018 Baltimore, MD Partnership with Business
    Olivia Richards 2020 Salt Lake City, UT (Virtual) Job Interview
    Caleb Craddock 2020 Salt Lake City, UT (Virtual) Introduction to Business Procedures
    Caleb Craddock 2021 Anaheim, CA (Virtual) Job Interview
    Reyya Edmin 2021 Anaheim, CA (Virtual) Business Ethics
    Sydney Varshock 2021 Anaheim, CA (Virtual) Impromptu Speaking
    Caleb Craddock 2022 Chicago, Illinois Accounting 1
    Calum Weston 2023 Atlanta, Georgia Broadcast Journalism
    McCalla Chesledon 2023 Atlanta, Georgia Broadcast Journalism
    Joseph Richards 2023 Atlanta, Georgia Broadcast Journalism
    Competitive Event Links: 
    Test Frenzy (Practice Tests):  http://fbla.testfrenzy.com/index.php