Upward Bound

  • Tasty blueberries, raspberries and strawberries on sale now!

     Get delicious IQF Washington grown berries from the Kiwanis this summer. They come in twenty pound boxes quick frozen at the peak of flavor. These berries are excellent for canning or making smoothies. Or you could just defrost them and serve them with your cereal, waffles, and pancakes. You cannot beat the quality. Each berry is individually frozen they look and taste wonderful. They are much less expensive than fresh berries in the store and much better quality than the berries in the freezer section. You will love them.

     Okanogan High School Key Club will be helping out the Okanogan Kiwanis with berry sales this year. The Kiwanis has been very generous in support of the Okanogan Chapter in the past and now we get a chance to help them raise money for community projects. Everybody wins. In addition, for each order of berries sold by Key Club members the Kiwanis will donate $10.00 directly to the club.

     Key Club and Kiwanis members will be calling and going door to door to offer berries. However, if you  are not contacted you can get an order form and contact information from the Okanogan School District web site. Look for the link on the main district page or the Facebook page. Order your berries now and the Kiwanis will contact you when the  berries are delivered. The deadline for berry orders is June 30.


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