• Dear Parents, Students, Teachers and Community,


    Regarding 2020-21 Summative State Testing:

    Given this year’s circumstances, OSPI submitted a request to waive summative testing requirements for 2020-21. However, we haven’t been given any indication that it will be acceptable to the US Department of Education.  And, of course, circumstances could change in the next several months. OSPI is proceeding with the intent to administer spring tests AND simultaneously exploring other options such as a waiver or an alternative plan for 2021. 

    As a reminder, there will be no fall 2020 retake opportunity. OSPI would seek to relieve the testing load this year so that schools can maximize their opportunities for instruction and student learning.  If it is necessary to administer summative tests, we will strive to minimize the impact for educators and students, but we don’t know specifics yet.

    Michelle Daling
    State & Federal Programs Administrator
    District Assessment Director
    Okanogan School District